17th December 2017


Mathew Griffiths

My name is Mathew. I am 16 years old and have been coming to the youth club since i was 14.I am at college studing Art and Design.

Kelly Mcguiness

Hi my name ie Kelly.I have been a voulnteer for approximatly 10 months.My roles are supporting our young people in a variety of ways. I really enjoy volunteering.

Justin Campbell

My name is Justin ,i am 18 years of age and i have been volunteering sinse i was 15.

I am a full time student studing my A-levels. I really enjoy helping our young people.

Carmel Wood

Hi My name is Carmel and i have been volunteering at inclusion4u for about a year.

I enjoy working with our young people and encouraging to take part in lots of different activities.

Ann Marie Robinson

Why i volunteer ?


I started volunteering about 18 months ago to gain experience to go into teaching.

I enjoy coming every week and making the young peolpe smile with my bad singing on sing star !